GT-2C Aiphone Multi-Tenant Colour Video Station

GT-2C Aiphone Multi-Tenant Colour Video Station

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GT-2C Aiphone Multi-Tenant Colour Video Station

Preferred Tenant Station Featuring Suite Security. Suite Security connects up to 4 alarm or utility sensors to the GT-2C. When activated, the siren sound while alerting Doorman/Security stations of trouble. GT-2C allows for internal communication to talk between GT-2H sub stations (up to 3 subs).

The GT-2C also provides picture memory, 170 degree Pan Tilt & Zoom camera control, and an optional handset.

  • Up to 8 masters and 120 remote stations
  • Two talk channels*
  • PTT or VOX operation
  • Master-to-master selective calling
  • All Call between master stations only
  • Composite video output from CEU and master station
  • Standard or priority call levels from door stations
  • Communication privacy
  • Electronic access control integration*
  • CCTV system integration*
  • Selective remote control (e.g. door release)
  • PC interface for programming and event logging
  • Scan monitoring of selected remote stations
  • Rack or wall mountable CEU
  • Calls queued in order of priority and call-in time
  • Compatible with IE Series door stations
  • Optional features: headset, footswitch, call transfer to telephone* and PC remote control
  • * Interface requires custom program (not supplied by Aiphone)
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Power Supply 24V DC – Use PS-2420UL (for GT-BC, GT-VBC, GT-NS, GT-MK, GT-BCX, and GT-2C)
Current Consumption GT-BC: 0.9 A, GT-VBC: 0.9 A, GT-NS: 0.13 A, GT-MK: 0.18 A, GT-BCX: 0.35 A,
GT-2C: 0.26 A, GT-2H: 0.11 A
Call Tone There are three different types of call tones: from entrance station, security guard station, and doorbell
Talk & Video Path Secure single channel
Communication Hands-free, voice-actuated communication or push-to-talk communication
Door Release Connecting terminals: between ELM – ELC (N/O) and ELB – ELC (N/C) Specifications: less than 4A (resistance load), 24V AC/DC, dry closure contact
Wiring Two conductor cables (Aiphone #872002 for audio and Aiphone #871802 for video)
Type of Cables Pair cable (solid wire – not stranded), polyethylene insulated, low cap, diameter 20AWG-18AWG



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Spec sheet GT-2C-Spec-Sheet